Friday, 20 November 2015

Eclipse and Intellij Shortcuts

Frequently used IntelliJ Shortcuts

1. Navigation

Search by File Name (⌘⇧N)

Search by Class Name (⌘N)

Search by Symbol (⌘⌥⇧N)

2. Access Recent File

Recent Files action (⌘E)

3. Structure View(⌘F12).

4. Declaration of a method/function/class (⌘B)

Quick Definition Action ( ⌘⇧I ) will show the definition in a pop-up and not in a new tab

5. Check the actual type of a variable.

Type Info action (⌃⇧P)

6. Find Usages

Find Usages ⌥F7
Find Usages in File ⌘F7
Highlight Usages in File ⌘⇧F7

Find Super Method/Class ⌘U
Find Implementation(s) ⌘⌥B

7. Select a word/line/block
Extend Selection (⌘W) action and Shrink Selection (⌘⇧W) action multiple times.

8. Rename Refactoring (⇧F6)


EclipseIntelliJ IDEADescription
F4ctrl+hshow the type hierarchy
ctrl+alt+gctrl+alt+F7find usages
ctrl+shift+uctrl+f7finds the usages in the same file
ctrl+shift+rctrl+shift+Nfind file / open resource
ctrl+shift+x, jctrl+shift+F10run (java program)
ctrl+shift+octrl+alt+oorganize imports
ctrl+octrl+F12show current file structure / outline
ctrl+shift+mctrl+alt+Vcreate local variable refactoring
syso ctrl+spacesout ctrj+jSystem.out.println(“”)
alt + up/downctrl + shift + up/downmove lines
ctrl + dctrl + ydelete current line
???alt + hshow subversion history
ctrl + hctrl + shift + fsearch (find in path)
“semi” set in window-> preferencesctrl + shift + enterif I want to add the semi-colon at the end of a statement
ctrl + 1 or ctrl + shift + lctrl + alt + vintroduce local variable
alt + shift + salt + insertgenerate getters / setters
ctrl + shift + fctrl + alt + lformat code
ctrl + yctrl + shift + zredo
ctrl + shift + cctrl + /comment out lines (my own IDEA shortcut definition for comment/uncomment on german keyboard layout on laptop: ctrl + shift + y)
ctrl + alt + hctrl + alt + h (same!)show call hierarchy
none ?ctrl + alt + f7to jump to one of the callers of a method
ctrl + shift + ialt + f8evaluate expression (in debugger)
F3ctrl + bgo to declaration (e.g. go to method)
ctrl + lctrl + ggo to line

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